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This 15" clock is carved out of teak and can be filled with multiple colors of resin.
"Μωλαν Λαβε" in greek or or "Come and take it" in English is a famous Greek phrase.  It was allegedly said by the 300 Spartans that fought Xerxes at the battle of Thermopylae in 480 B.C. In response to the demand that the Spartans surrender their weapons.
The image is a typical Spartan warrior helmet surrounded by the traditional Greek key symbol.


Comes with an installed clock mechanism. Clock hands vary depending on availability. The back of each clock has a counter sunk hanger so it will lie flat on the wall once hung. Colors of wood and wood grain patterns vary slightly due to natural variations.



Μολων Λαβε Spartan Clock

Excluding Sales Tax
Greek Key Color
Spartan Helmet Color
Mωλαν Λαβε Color
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